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Power Down the Parent Pressure:
10 Ways to Stop Micromanaging Your Kids Goals

Teaching our kids to have goals, do their best, and leverage personal momentum to succeed are all good ideas. However, there is a difference between supporting a child's efforts to reach goals and taking control of the results we deem the best possible outcomes. Parents who (Read more...)

What's Special About Esformes Academy?

Academics - Esformes Hebrew Academy provides the best possible educational opportunity for students in the context of our special brand of experiential education; and we position ourselves as a regional and national leader in experiential education. (Read more...)

A Valentine's Day Playbook For Your Family

Valentine's Day isn't just for couples in the heady throes of young love. Deliver sweet somethings to every important person in your life. Here's the plan for a perfectly playful V-Day for the whole family. (Read more...)